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Agility Dogs

There are a small number of Bryning puppies competing in agility, I am extremely fortunate that these dogs have the privilege of living and working with excellent, experienced agility trainers/handlers, a really lovely bunch of people!

Bryning Red Robin ”Rudi”

Mac X Kes born Dec 2003
owned by Susi Kaurek in Austria

Rudi is a super character, he has the most perfect temperament and acts as 'nanny' to Susi's parson litters and her young son, he is such a sweet dog!

Rudi is genetically 'normal' for CEA/CH and is hip scored FCI HD-A

Bryning Leap in the Dark ”Echo”

Mac X Niamh born Feb 2004
owned by Ann Eiserman in Belgium

Echo is quite a strong willed dog and has proved quite a challenge to train but he has a very natural and easy jumping style which he seems to be passing on to his progeny.

Echo is DNA tested 'normal' for CEA/CH and TNS and is hip scored BVA 5:4/FCI HD-B

Bryning Red Rascal ”Niamh” (aka ‘Naughty Niamh’)

Mac X Molly born June 2004
owned by Nancy Hudson

Niamh is a very loving girl and a bit of a clown, she loves to perform all her tricks!

Nancy and Niamh compete together in Grade 7, you can follow Niamhs' adventures on the HudsonDoglets Blog

Bryning Bolt from the Blue ‘Josie’

Mac X Molly born June 2004
owned by Roger Brown

Josie is CEA/CH genetically 'normal' and hip scored 2:4

Josie won the South East Grade 4 Dog of the Year in the Agility Eye points table. So far she and Roger have managed 11 second places (and counting) and 1 jumping win in Grade 4 and are chasing that elusive agility win to progress up to Grade 5. Keeping everything crossed for the 2009 season!

Click below to see Josie and Roger running to second place in a tricky grade 4 jumping class...
(video courtesy of Lorna Goodban...thanks!)

Bryning Toffee Fudge ‘CoCo’

Baz X Niamh born Mar 2005
owned by Lynn Draper

CoCo competes in agility when she isn't out being a search and rescue dog. She is a very consistent dog who always tried her best and is regularly placed.

Bryning Diamond Dove ”DD”

Sunny X Kes born Mar 2005
owned by Susi Kaurek in Austria

Bryning Time to Shine AWG ‘Teal’

Bond X Spangle born Sept 2005
owned by Joy Costello

Teal is TNS DNA tested 'clear' and hip scored 4:3

Teal is a very honest sort of a dog who always tries her best, she competes in Grade 7 and already has several jumping and agility wins under her belt.

**September 2009**
Becca and Teal have qualified for Olympia!

** Sept '08 - Teal wins Combined Grade 6/7 Agility at Trent Park to go G7 (Advanced)..2 weeks before her 3rd birthday..woo hoo!!

**Teal had a phenomonal start to her agility career, gaining her agility warrant (bronze & silver) and winning into grade 6 in less than 4 months of competition, she has qualified for a number of the novice finals and the Olympia semi's and has amassed quite a collection of crystal on the video below to see her running to a place in a grade 3 jumping at one of her first shows...
(video courtesy of Lorna Goodban...thanks!)

Bryning Rise n Shine ‘Twix’

Bond X Spangle born Sept 2005
owned by Amanda Pigg

Twix has really started to find her stride, she is consistently clear and in the placings and qualified for a number of Novice Finals last year...Twix won into Grade 6 July 2008, she currently has one win towards Advanced (G7)

Twix at her first show

Twix with her June tally of rosettes and crystal!

Twix, managing to look gorgeous at the same time...

Bryning Osprey ‘Ice’

Mac X Kes born Dec 2005
owned by Veronica Wilson

Ice competes in Grade 4, she is a fast and enthusiastic little dog and is finally starting to get things together in the ring to get some nice placings.

Bryning Blue Diamond 'Ty'

Mac X Kes born Dec 2005
owned by Claire Bacon

Ty competes in Grade 7, he's a very fast and powerful dog. He has qualified for the CSJ finals in Malvern the last two years running coming 2nd in 2010 and qualified for his first Champ final in 1st place.

Bryning Cinnamon Teal - 'Flick'

Mac X Kes born Dec 2005
owned by Sian Illingworth

Like her littermates Flick has been a challenge to train, plenty of power and enthusiasm but not always that easy to steer! lol
At four years old things are finally starting to come together and she has started the 2010 season winning into Grade 6 in some style with a win in Grade 5 agility at the end of April followed by 2 wins in G5 agility and 1 in G5 jumping the following weekend at Dordale! Good luck in Grade 6!

** July 2010
After only a few weeks in Grade 6 Flick now has 3 out of the 4 required wins to go Advanced (Grade 7) with 3 consecutive wins in Grade 6 agility! :o)

Flick got her final Grade 6 win and now competes in Grade 7

Bryning Glas ‘Eddy’

Ghost X Molly born May 2006
owned by Martyn Wright

Eddy at UKA May 2008

Bryning Truly Special - 'Bryn'

Lloyd X Lexie Born Oct 2006

Bryn belongs to Brenda Tenten and is currently competing in Grade 5 and is regularly placed.

Bryning Goldfinch - ’Wren’

Oz X Quinn born March 2007

Wren is owned and trained by Joy and Becca Costello, she's just headed back out into the ring after time off to rear her second litter of puppies and won into Grade 5 :o)

Wren jumping at 18 months old...

Wren training at 18 months old

Bryning Goldrushed - 'Rush'

Oz X Quinn born March 2007

Rush is owned by Sue Choux, he has recently won into Grade 4 and along with Sue's older dog Sassy, they won the International Pairs Agility at the 2010 KC International Festival.

Bryning the Golden Ticket - 'Digger'

Oz X Quinn born March 2007

Digger is owned by Sally Stephens, she and Digs have started doing agility to have some fun.

Digs went clear and won both the beginners jumping and agility at only his 2nd unaffiliated show, clever lad! Well done Sally :)

Sally and Digger compete in Grade 2 :o)

Dig competing at 'Dogs on Top' - Jan 2010 (Simon Coates Photography)

Bryning Gold Blend - 'Rico'

Oz X Quinn born March 2007

Rico is co-owned with Carla Whyte, he competes in Grade 3.

Rico training at 13 months old

Bryning Bright Star 'Max'

Ethan X Dazzle born June 2007

** May 2011 Sharon and Max win into Grade 6 in style with three Grade 5 agility wins! :o) **

Bryning Super Clean 'Diuk' and Bryning Super Girl 'Skayla'

Quillan X Lexie born Dec 2007

Diuk and Skayla are owned by father and daughter, Jean-Pierre and Marline Simond who compete in agility in Switzerland.

Both youngsters have had a fantatsic start to their agility careers, both progressing to Grade 3 (the top grade on the continent) in their first 6 months of competing. Skayla also represented Switzerland at the 2010 European Open Championships and will be competing in the Swiss Open Championships later this year.

Here's Marline and Skayla running to a 3rd place at the Grand Prix Final agility in October 2009, Skay was only 22 months old and they had been competing for just 4 months...

Marline running Diuk in September '09 (21 months old)

Bryning Supercharged 'Jess' and Bryning Super Spy 'Bryn'

Quillan X Lexie born Dec 2007

Jess and Bryn are owned by friends Christine Freer and Lynn Jamieson, both are training and competing in Grade 3

Bryning Summer Breeze - 'Haze'

Oz X Pipit born Dec 2007
owned by Michelle Giles

Haze has always been very easy to motivate and train; she has recently started competing and is proving to be a keen little agility dog.

**June 2011 It's taken a while to crack those weaves but now they have there's no stopping them! Michelle and Haze have won up from Grade 1 to 3 in the last few months with numerous agility and jumping wins :o) **

Bryning Don't Stop Me Now at Ruffs 'Diesel'

Rhett X Quinn born Mar 2008

Diesel is owned by Vicki Warwick and he's a very versatile young man, taking part in obedience, agility, flyball and showing!

Diesel and Vicki are now Grade 6 :o)

You can read more about Diesel and the rest of Vicki's dogs on the Ruffs Dog Blog

UKA Nursery agility - Thatcham Sept '09

Bryning All Time High 'Chief'

Bond X Lori born Mar 2008
owned by Paul and Hannah Maidwell

Chief is doing great, he has won up from Grade 3 to 6 in his first season of competition with numerous jumping and agility wins at all 3 grades...clever boy :o)

Bryning Time to Fly 'Surf'

Bond X Lori born Mar 2008
owned by Erin Logie

Bryning High Time 'Sika'

Bond X Lori born Mar 2008
owned by Veronica Wilson

Bryning Snowfinch 'Skye'

Spark X Kes born June 2008
owned by Sally Stephens in Oxfordshire

Sally and Skye compete in Grade 2 and have had several good placings in both jumping and agility classes.

Skye at 'Dogs on Top' - Jan 2010 (Simon Coates Photography)

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